Since 1975, when the first stand-up wheelchair was introduced, increasing the quality of life became the top priority of LEVO. This priority assures the constant developing and manufacturing of new products, which will be offered to the global market.

The experts in standing – this statement is an obligation. As the first provider of this kind of product worldwide, LEVO offers a complete range of stand-up wheelchairs, which meet all individual wishes and requirements with respect to size, type of handicap or location. In this way, LEVO supports the integration of disabled people.

With a complete product range we offer stand-up wheelchairs for children and adults, suitable for body sizes from 90 cm to 200 cm and up to a weight of 140 kg. With a total weight of 17 kg only, the LEVO active-easy LAE (manually propelled and manually standing) is one of the lightest stand-up wheelchairs in the world. LEVO’s are also available in manually propelled and powered standing or as a fully powered operated model. The adjustability of the height, width, and angle regarding footrest, seat, armrest and backrest on all LEVO models, along with the mounting of accessories conditional to the handicap, allows a biomechanical optimal adaptation. Since these high quality stand-up wheelchairs meet the individual’s needs, LEVO has become the world’s leader in this niche market.