Levo C3

The LEVO C3 - Combine smooth, low shear standing technology with a tight turning mid-wheel system that automatically transforms into a 4 wheel drive action base and you are experiencing the latest innovation from the experts in standing -- LEVO! Become "RE-ABLED" with the curb climbing, full traction standing wheelchair that automatically adapts to the tights turns within your home or to the outdoor conditions of your daily commute.

Feature Highlights:

bullet point Compact Size -- Width - 635mm (25") and Length - 1040mm (41")
bullet point Center Wheel Drive = tight 550mm (21.5") turning radius
bullet point 4-Wheel Drive climbs over 100mm (4") curbs and up 33% grades
bullet point Low Shear standing technology and up to 35 degree power tilt
bullet point Adjustable seat width/length for full range child to adult
bullet point Rated for users up to 140kgs (310 lbs) in the full standing position
bullet point Whisper quite motor and actuators drive capability in all seated/standing positions
bullet point Optional colors including blue, red, yellow and black
bullet point Multiple accessories including R-Net drive, Bluetooth, knee supports and more

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