The LEVO Combi is the world’s ultimate precision engineered full power standing wheelchairs providing the widest range of electric powered wheelchair positions. The LEVO Combi series of power standing wheelchairs give you the capability to stand on your own, lie flat, tilt in space, sit, lift, recline and relax. It is specifically designed for people with paraplegia/quadriplegia, advanced multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy and polio – and for everyone who desires power mobility and multiple seating positions with the ability to stand again.

Feature Highlights:

bullet point Responsive maneuverability and compact size
bullet point Center wheel drive = tight turning radius at 550mm (21.5 inches)
bullet point Climbs ramps up to a 25% grade
bullet point Low shear standing up to 85° position
bullet point Adjustable growth plates fitting sizes from children to adult
bullet point Driving capability in all seating postions, including full recine and standing
bullet point Crash tested – EZ lock compatible
bullet point Compatible with multiple backrest and cushion brands
bullet point Multiple color options, including blue, red, yellow, platinum and black

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